I have been visiting Sheilah for about a year for my back & neck pain, hypertension & dizziness. It's amazing how much accupuncture helps my hypertension go down & diminishes my dizziness. The office is in a convenient location, close to parking & is very pleasant & relaxing. Sheilah puts you at ease & really listens to your problems. I always leave feeling so much better & relaxed. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to try accupuncture.

—Female, ~60 years old, San Francisco, CA

When I met Sheilah, my rheumatoid arthritis was really causing a lot of pain in my hands. We discussed the possibility of trying acupuncture and I didn't know whether it would help my chronic pain, but it worked. I had no pain after one treatment for 6 weeks! I had another treatment when I last visited SF with the same results. Now I'm looking for an acupuncturist in Delaware. I tell everyone I meet with RA about this wonderful treatment. I highly recommend this procedure versus strong medications, which often have adverse side-effects.

—45 year old Female, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Delaware/San Francisco

I've been enjoying my regular treatments with Sheilah for over 2 years. I have a chronic health condition and her treatments have improved my overall health over time. Each time I receive acupuncture, I sense a subtle but pervasive paradigm shift in my health and an improvement in my overall sense of well-being. There's immediate improvement during the day when I receive acupuncture and then a rippling effect over time. I am so grateful for the regular treatments. As a practitioner, Sheilah is highly educated and diligent in her diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations.

—49 year old Male, San Francisco

This was my first experience with acupuncture so I was a bit nervous about the needles and a bit skeptical about the whole thing. Sheilah immediately calmed my nerves and made it a very relaxing and enjoyable treatment. My shoulder felt better a few hours afterward so I'm a new believer! It didn't hurt at all!

—61 year old Female

I learn something new that benefits my health with every visit - usually a number of new things!

—48 year old Female, Hypothyroidism, Palo Alto

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER - I just needed to share! I think of you as a wonderful gift in my life and a bright shining star. I hope you take as good care of yourself as you do for others!

—54 year old Female, Degenerative Disk Disease, Las Vegas/San Mateo

My back pain is very painful because of the type of work I do. I tried massage and chiropractic and it seemed like nothing was going to work for me. In my first visit with Sheilah, I could feel the pain release. The pain did not return for a week and then even after that, there was a big difference in the level and quality of pain. Now I return to Sheilah when my back pain flares up. I find acupuncture to be effective for managing my pain. Thank you Sheilah for the treatments.

—29 year old Female, Back Pain, San Francisco

After years of constant knee pain, the kind of pain that wakes you up and makes you rethink your career choice and personal health, pain overcame skepticism.After one short consultation and acupuncture treatment with Sheilah, my knees felt NO MORE PAIN, none, 10 months later, with restful nights and more active lifestyle, I'm a true believer! Thank you, Sheilah.

—44 year old male, Redwood City, CA

I have been going to Ms. Rogers for nearly a year and I have been completely satisfied w/ the results of my cosmetic acupuncture sessions. Needless to say, she is articulate, superb, and just as nice as she can be. The results of each facial acupuncture session I have w/ Ms. Rogers are just great...i.e. the treatments help to almost completely obliterate the fine and deep lines; the sessions leave me feeling so very relaxed; and the results last for a very long time. She's marvelous! Thank you Sheilah! It's such a pleasure doing business w/ you.

—Female, ~65 years old, San Francisco, CA

I had been having low back pain for about two months. I was doing a lot of cycling. The pain was traveling into both hips. After one session with Sheilah, about 85% of the discomfort was gone. Sheilah is very knowledgable, gentle and was able to get to the root of my problem instantly. I would highly recommend her and would absolutely use her services again.

—Female, ~45 years old, San Francisco, CA

If you are suffering from headaches, whether it is stress-related or migraine, go see Sheilah. She not only knows acupuncture, she is a great consultant. She is very thorough during her consultation time to make sure she knows your overall health. She cares about her clients' well being and it shows. I have gone to her for my headaches and my headaches were gone after 20 minutes. Don't suffer, go see her.

—Mahnaz, Belmont, CA

I had thyroid surgery in June 2008, and was still lethargic and throwing up after 6-8 weeks. My doctors suggested it might be reflux or a reaction to the anesthetic, but could not offer a solution that worked. At the same time, I had been feeling generally off balance, so I decided to find an acupuncturist in San Mateo. Sheilah Rogers took the time to carefully listen to my combination of symptoms, before making a plan for improvement. We worked together to put priorities in order and within one treatment, my highest priority (stop throwing up) was solved with something as simple (and inexpensive) as ginger boiled into a tea. All other symptoms quickly cleared up with a series of herbal medicines and acupuncture sessions with Sheilah that I found to be energizing and calming at the same time. I am now completely free of all medication. I would highly recommend Sheilah Rogers both as a professional acupuncture & herbalist service and also from a value for money stand point – she puts her client needs above all else. For professionals, it is also worth noting that she works late! I will absolutely book in with Sheilah Rogers whenever I need to come back and find my central points of balance again… or even to recharge my batteries!

I began acupuncture with Sheilah due to insomnia. I had been struggling with it for some time but felt it was exacerbated by my pregnancy, I was 4 months along at the time. I ended up seeing Sheilah regularly throughout my pregnacy because our work alleviated the different stresses my body was under from back aches to muscle cramps to intense hormonal headaches that I could not medicate.

After my OBGYN said I was ready to deliver, I gave Sheilah the go ahead to give me a treatment that she had discussed doing with me that is suppose to aid delivery, it was an afterthought really. You find you have a lot of time on your hands when you are about to deliver and I felt kind of like a watched pot so it was sorta something else to do along with getting a pedicure. I have 4 sisters and was prepared for a 20 hour labor like they all had and like my own mother had had and like my husbands mother had experienced. I brought a DVD player and movies with us to the hospital. A couple days after treatment I went into labor and that baby was out of me between breakfast and lunch.

I was not one of these yoga moms that drank Nettle Tea and meditated on my body opening 12 weeks before delivering. When the nurse told me I was at 9 centimeters 2 hours into laboring I could not believe it. I was floored. I was also thoroughly terrifed that being so dialated I would not be able to get an epidural. Fortunatley, this was not the case. I am living proof that you do not need to beleive it will work, nor is it necessary to also eat organic while on treatment (my fave was Johnny Rockets cheesburgers with fries and chocolate milkshakes) I absolutely attribute my quick delivery to Sheilah's ongoing care which is a unique blend of practicality and intuition. She's also pretty fun to talk to.