Sheilah Rogers, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist
SOMA Health Center . 862 Folsom Street @ Fourth Street . San Francisco, CA 94107 . (415) 730-4144

How Acupuncture Can Help You

We specialize in the treatment of pain, allergies, stress, women's health, facial rejuvenation and digestive disorders. A personalized treatment plan that combines acupuncture and herbs can:
  • harmonize and heal
  • restore balance
  • target disease and disorders
  • treat the root cause and presenting systems
  • increase energy and awareness
  • calm the spirit
  • bolster immunity
A more comprehensive list of the conditions acupuncture can treat, can be found here.

A Little About Me

I started my acupuncture practice in 2005 and have 7 years of clinical experience. I consider you the main agent of change in your health and well being. I am but a trusted servant with special expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Successful medical care is ultimately a collaboration between patient and practitioner. So every patient seeking help from me will leave their first appointment with a treatment plan that we have created together. I will work with you to help you increase your own bodily awareness and act to better your health using acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietetic and/or qi gong recommendations. I consider myself a long term partner in your healthcare fully complimentary to western medicine.

A complete survey of my credentials can be found here.


Most major insurance is accepted.  For your convenience, we will gladly call to verify your acupuncture coverage including eligibility and benefits. If you do not have insurance that covers acupuncture, or are under-insured, please call for more information. Our clinic strives to provide service to everyone. We are conveniently located in San Francisco's SOMA district and offer evening appointments. In-network with Brown and Toland, Hill Physicians, Blue Shield, and others

(415) 730-4144
Call or email to have your insurance benefits checked.

Evening appointments available at a convenient SOMA, San Francisco location.

(415) 730-4144

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