Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

How Acupuncture Can Help You

Common conditions that Sheilah treats include chronic or acute conditions (musculo-skeletal, headaches, etc), women's health (including pregnancy), and general wellness (reducing stress, improving mood and sleep, increasing energy, and more). A personalized treatment plan may combine acupuncture, herbs, basic qi gong recommendations, or dietary recommendations based on principles of Chinese Medicine. Treatments may:

  • harmonize and heal
  • restore balance
  • target disease and disorders
  • treat the root cause and presenting systems
  • increase energy and awareness
  • calm the spirit
  • bolster immunity

A more comprehensive list of the conditions acupuncture can treat, can be found here.

A Little About Sheilah

Sheilah opened her private practice in 2005 and works with patients at her office in South of Market (SoMa), San Francisco. She considers herself lucky to work with a diverse group of conditions (and people) and feels grateful for how much she learns from her patients and teachers.

It is not uncommon for her to refer out to other practitioners, both to MDs, as well as to other types of practitioners (including osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, other modalities, as well as other licensed acupuncturists) and she receives referrals from MDs as well as other types of medical professionals.

Sheilah is currently furthering her studies through Continued Education in women's health (particularly pregnancy) as well as learning more about how acupuncture can provide adjunctive support for people undergoing Western treatment for cancer or who have had cancer previously.

She considers you the main agent of change in your health and well-being, but feels honored to be able to help where she can by providing judgement-free, nurturing support through acupuncture and other forms of Chinese Medicine. She consider herself a long-term partner in your healthcare fully complimentary to Western medicine and is delighted by the increasing trend that further integrates acupuncture into patient recommendations for treatment and care.

A complete survey of her credentials can be found here.


We are conveniently located in San Francisco's South of Market (SOMA) district and offer evening appointments. Please call for a free 15 minute consultation to see how Sheilah may be able to help you and whether there is a good fit in working together to help you achieve your health goals.

(415) 730 4144